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    Family business since 1947

    Skinbjerg Design is traced all the way back to 1947, when the store opened in Lyngby. The company was founded by basket maker Knud Skinbjerg, who at the time gave the shop the name Kurveindustrien Pilen.

    Knud opened in a shop on Nørgaardsvej, but got shortly after the corner on Lyngby Hovedgade 51, where the shop with workshop in the basement had its place for over 70 years. From the dawn of time, lots of chairs have been repaired, baskets and furniture produced and designed that still exist today. This includes the well-known furniture series of rattan that is still being produced.

    Marie Skinbjerg, Knud’s daughter, took over the business after her father. Here she managed to maintain the good old traditions with her own abilities as a basket maker. Marie has since childhood been surrounded by creativity and all kinds of wickerwork. Therefore, she has been braiding since the age of 7, and has always been preoccupied with everything that exists within braiding.

    Skinbjerg Design is a family business, and today we are in the 3rd generation.

    With work in the form of a workshop and online webshop, we can, in keeping with tradition, still offer the execution of repairs of, among other things, chair seats. In addition, we have a larger assortment than ever on our online webshop, where we still have a special focus on good craftsmanship, quality and beautiful design. This can be done with our skilled basket manufacturers who we have enjoyed for many years.

    Among other things, we collaborate with a local workshop in Indonesia, where Marie Skinbjerg saw potential for developing a good business foundation, and where there was also the opportunity to support and help a village get to work and make money. In Indonesia, there is rich potential for working with wicker in the material rattan (cane), as this grows wild in nature. Therefore, the material is at hand and completely free of cost to the craftsmen.

    Now there is a large, well-functioning workshop where the craftsmen thrive on making money and at the same time having the opportunity to look after their children. Marie Skinbjerg goes to Indonesia twice a year to follow up that working conditions are still maintained optimal. Here she also learns new techniques and introduces the craftsmen to new designs.

    With Marie’s sense of wicker, design and focus on supporting good causes, we now have a webshop that offers the absolute best quality of everything in wickerwork.

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