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    Bamboo Blinds

    We have been selling classic bamboo blinds for 50 years. They are perfect for sun protection in e.g. conservatories, terraces, cottages or balconies. Our bamboo blinds are easy to set up. Screws and mounting elements included. Our bamboo blinds are partially transparent in a natural way and provide a nice subdued light. On hot summer days, the bamboo curtains can help shield from the heat and get your living room cooled down to a comfortable temperature. Over time, most bamboo blinds will have a nice patina. They will get a little darker as the sun darkens the material. Fabric curtains can be difficult to keep clean. Bamboo blinds are easier to clean as they only require a wipe with a wet cloth or a quick vacuum as needed. With 10 cm variation in width, you can make them fit both doors and windows. The height is 160 cm. with a classic fold. Our Bamboo Blinds are handmade of natural materials. Therefore, small fluctuations in dimensions and color shades may occur.

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