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    Plant Baskets

    Our plant baskets are designed for outdoor and indoor use. You can get round, square, thick, thin, high and low baskets, so you are guaranteed to find a basket to your liking. They are durable and can withstand all kinds of weather. The braided plant baskets can be used for all purposes such as herbs, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. They are made of Rattan, which is a durable and sustainable material from Indonesia. You can get the baskets in the colors gray, which fit well in the living room next to the fireplace or out on the terrace in the garden. They are in a natural look and do not fade with time. Note: As it is a craft and natural material, the dimensions may vary slightly. The plant baskets are easy to lift and move around as they are designed with solid handles on each side. The baskets have plastic inside. The large baskets have thicker plastic than the smaller baskets to improve durability. All plant baskets can be washed with water, and if you want to prevent patina, you can give them a coat of wood oil. It is best for the planting baskets that the bottom does not have direct contact with soil or grass, so place them on either a tile or a rock. If the planting baskets are to be left inside, it is a good idea to put extra plastic in, as we cannot guarantee that it is 100% waterprof

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