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    Cotton Rugs

    Our rugs is Danish designed in Nordic colors. They are available in many different sizes, and are available in both mixed and uniform colors. The colors are specially selected to suit simple and stylish interiors. Our mixed colors are specially selected according to the light in the different rooms. They bring a balanced color to bright spaces, such as in a cottage, an entrance, a kitchen or conservatory. Our rugs have many different lengths, from 60 × 90 cm. to 65 x 170 cm. so they fit in a bathroom, in a long hallway or under a coffee table. The cloth rugs are good on kitchen floors, tile floors or wooden floors, as they have a good weight and do not slip easily. As they are easy to wash, they are perfect for lying in places where it gets dirty, such as in a terrace, kitchen or in an entrance hall. If they are slightly dirty, they can be given a quick knock outdoors. You get a rug in the highest quality, made of 100% cotton. The cloth blanket is made of a sustainable residual material, made from fabric remnants from the textile industry in India. The paint is washed out, so you can easily put them in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

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