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    Aesthetically designed furniture for outside and inside in an elegant Nordic design. Our wicker furniture is designed in an extra strong wicker to be able to stand the test of time. The wicker chairs can be used individually or together with our series of other furniture that fit into an organic look. We deliver a functionalist design with natural round shapes which provide extra support in a durable construction. These wicker chairs and wicker sofas are extra reinforced in armrests and backs, so the furniture keeps its shape and does not become fragile in daily use. Our wicker furniture lasts a long time and only gets nicer with a little patina. The composition of rattan in several sizes makes the chair feel comfortable and absorbent. Our furniture can take more weight than non-reinforced chairs or sofas. We have reproduced our old wicker furniture from the 50s, and optimized both appearance and durability. The timeless design goes hand in hand with quality and functionality. We have put a lot of resources into getting the furniture exactly as we want it and we are very happy with the result. We have various sofas, chairs, stools and stools and they are all made of sensible and sustainable materials. We can even repair windings if they should go up against expectations. Rattan grows wild in Asia, and is collected without having to be felled. The pipes are bent and treated to our unique and durable design. The chair is assembled and shipped in the greenest way we can to deliver a conscientious product. The wicker furniture is treated so that it only requires a damp cloth when cleaning. Avoid soap as it dries the material. Obs. The furniture cannot be left outside permanently. Rain destroys the material. They can advantageously be taken in and out.

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